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A concerto (and indie-rock inspired show) for Ferry as soloist with percussion ensemble and film by artist Jodie Mack, developed with composer Elliot Cole

Composer Elliot Cole embraces unconventional instruments in his works. Among those featured are: a varied array of flowerpots, used car brake drums, an amplified table, home cut metal conduit piping, and static from an AM/FM radio.

This multimedia concerto,The Future is Bright, created for Ferry as soloist, draws listeners into Cole's wholly original and imaginative sound world with beautiful abstract film by Jodie Mack, creating a deeper emotional space around the sounds the audience is hearing.

This concerto has been performed at New York University (NY), The University of Akron (OH), Dixie State University (UT), University of North Carolina-Pembroke (NC), Lawrence Conservatory (WI), Waubonsie Valley High School (IL), beyond this point (IL), University of West Florida (FL), University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI), the Northwest Percussion Festival (OR), and Western Washington University (WA).

Stay tuned for a commercial release and video of The Future is Bright.

Full Concert

As a full concert, the composer Elliot Cole also is featured singing in his Hanuman’s Leap, a dramatically percussive retelling of the 2,500 year-old Indian “Hanuman” myth. True to the program’s eclectic nature, this work draws on epic song, hip hop and reggae, throat singing, choral and experimental music to create something both ancient and new.


THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT full-concert is well-suited to indie-rock festivals/venues, classical music spaces engaged with multimedia works, and university percussion studios as a full-percussion ensemble portrait of Elliot Cole.


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