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“It is a meditative experience, with an effect difficult to describe in words. Deep, relaxed, sensual moments change by fractions and always cascade to new sounds.”

- Neue Presse Coburg

Performed with live flame working glass artist Carrie Fertig and electronics composer Alistair MacDonald, Flames & Frequencies was nominated for the Coburg Prize at the European Museum for Modern Glass. A video of the premiere performance was inaugurated into the museum's permanent collection with a pair of live performances.

In performances, Ferry performs on a unique set of glass percussion instruments whose sounds are electronically manipulated by composer Alistair MacDonald. Glass artist Carrie Fertig creates new glass instruments in flame to be added to Ferry's collection through the performance.

This work was developed during Carrie Fertig's period as Artist-in-Residence at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Flames and Frequencies is well suited for gallery and museum spaces.

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